War Waves

by War Waves

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Backwater Records


released May 1, 2015

M. Newby, A. Girling, D. Booty, J. Booty.



all rights reserved


War Waves Ipswich, UK

“Extremely detailed observations. Almost obsessional in the way that it relates these” – Steve Lamacq, BBC Radio 6 Music

Again working with Backwater Records and this time with Integrity Publishing (a close associate of Integrity Records: Million Dead, Reuben) on board, All That We Lack picks up where the first album left off: 90s influenced guitar hooks and self doubt.
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Track Name: My Friend's Wedding
young cunts with their conversations, keeping me uptight with skinny clothes. i’ll be fucked if you’re becoming one of those. "but i will work this out" i said. "i will fix my head, you just haven't met me yet". i'm fine with the conversation style, yes i am and you can handle far more chemicals than i can. babe, i understand why you take another man, i just hate to see you down. what if i admit to you that i have never felt so scared? young cunts with their conversations, keeping me uptight with skinny clothes. i'll be fucked if we're becoming some of those and i'll take off your dress, but your best friend looks like death. they say that the undertaker is watching me.
Track Name: Shortstop
from the moment you can breathe you're telling me that you only live for sleep. but this face that i can see is bringing positivity to a younger, toothless me. tell me how they spoke about me, tell me how they spoke about all of the 'young-rush-blood and young-blood-broken-hearts'. i was singing gaslight far too loud and you were singing gaslight far too loud…we never heard the chinese girls come up. settle down, settle in and you can see this out, survive this round. i was singing elsie far too loud and you were singing elsie far too loud. see this through, survive somehow.
Track Name: Signals
when you arrived at university, did you arrive without a southern sense of me? did you breathe like me? when i arrived were you adverse to me catching signals that you didn't want to speak out loud? allow me to focus on your lips when you are speaking, going on and on. your lungs will sway as you recite that you are feeling on your own. you're alone like me - you know you're on your own like me. when i arrived i was expecting you to cherish more than i could ever want you too - stolen into view. is it a sentence that is worse for me? i dream of death and love and perjury, oh please! breathe in, add what you want. life it never is how you would used to think and wish that it would be.
Track Name: Trophy Life
i'm clued up for the feature film inside my house - dead eyes, long coats, white teeth inside your perfect mouth. i'll practice what i've found, oh lord i'll practice what i've found - i'll drown the demons right out. we've come a long, long way since pulling hair in your car - old smiles, heartbreak and a habit for the perfect scar. it's hard to move at all, my legs are lead and stapled to the floor - you just wanted this more. i'm down until my teeth can grind on the southern stage where you will hide and when your soul is ready find me here. if the world provides for you and i, then we'll keep on breathing.
Track Name: Fountains
too close to criticise i know but i've got friends who are barely here. they've got sorrow in their bones, a bag of poison between their ears. i don't want to criticise your home but you've got furniture that she's restored, then left you all alone - you can't dress down the table sore. although you try to make the ceiling grow, put this bedroom on the floor, although you try to make it on your own, her arms go behind her head and you realise you're not coping anymore. so tell me what's this for? another heart attack isn't welcome anymore. i've met this girl i think i love, although her trousers are rarely around her ankles. we're close as shit you couldn't make it up but her mind is building bricks to handle. her throat is the size of a pickup truck and mine is the same except it's strangled and i'm doing all i can to wake it up but i'm left with the same sad eyes and the same dead cries from owen's lay-by show. but what does music know? another serenade from a guy who might explode. another tongue-tied slip from another skinny kid who has used up all his goes. the sorrow leads to fountains shitting hope and on that shit we choke.
Track Name: Hockey Stick
in high school were you feeling shit? always coming up last and hating it? well i recall my figure back then. now i'm twice the weight but losing half my friends. how is my skin supposed to reach you? i can see my focus at the time. now she's fucking you and she's no longer mine. i hope your children know what a cunt you really are.
Track Name: Teeth
brother quick i am imagining that i swallowed my head. my shoulders were alone for hours and the guilt ran out of my neck. brother quick i am imagining that i spat out my lungs. they escaped up fourteen flights of stairs and me, i could only make one. i'll tell you how hard it is to survive without any hipbones, arms or thighs - that's when your insides show. i'll tell you how hard it is to get by without a skeleton to make you high - your kneecaps are pretty low. brother quick i am imagining that i cut out my shin. my knees and ankles got to know each other and you couldn't separate them. brother quick i am imagining that i ripped out my throat. i tried to tell you that i regretted it, but you couldn't hear a word that i spoke. i'm not a lot to lose - you will beat this.
Track Name: Trenchcoat
you reap what you sow and i've sown 'forgive me' into my wrist. cutting words from a failed former cutter. i whispered 'fighting' on your sheets. i summon up the strength to put out when you're gone. by the end of the evening i'll be on. why are you crying? i'm not in your sheets. you said that an entire fucking family hates me and you're too drunk to drive me home as you've been slipping lately. are you surprised that i'm on my own to meet the man who made me? i carry all my former lovers in an ageing cough. i'm your man - so don't you ever give me up.
Track Name: Ball Games
even at your lowest ebb you seem to sleep forever and remember words that will haunt you. i supplied it all and i decided that you're off. i'm god, get off. it’s a better picture in the end of what you have. when times get rough, it's harder to admit that i never seem to be enough. my hands are worn and broken up from hard graft and my fucking up. to think of anything as 'more than i have' or to think of anything as 'more than science', well, it was more than i could ever speak of. ‘when’. anyone for any more? to death and dying! it's a long, lost, lonely feeling and it's more than i can choose.
Track Name: Megamouth
don't you think that it's more about progress than settling in? i'll endeavour to repent my failings and organise my sins. i'll lower the costs - at what cost? have you ever seen fit to focus on rudimentary friends? i've devalued countless girls and i'll do it again. i'll calm you down if you calm me down. he's a catch, he's a keeper i bet. the most beautiful man. a makeshift ball of energy and marginal stands. megamouth, unplanned. don't forget i was planting too much of our garden with sand. i'll bury ageing drug abuse with wandering hands, creosote and fake tan. steeped in sweat and chills, i promise i'll fix you. a house of gospel singers guiding us both through. steeped in sweat and doubt, i promise i'll fix you. isn't it time that we both stood our ground? it's time. what if i admit to you that i have never felt so scared?