All That We Lack

by War Waves

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released October 7, 2016



all rights reserved


War Waves Ipswich, UK

“Extremely detailed observations. Almost obsessional in the way that it relates these” – Steve Lamacq, BBC Radio 6 Music

Again working with Backwater Records and this time with Integrity Publishing (a close associate of Integrity Records: Million Dead, Reuben) on board, All That We Lack picks up where the first album left off: 90s influenced guitar hooks and self doubt.
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Track Name: Spine
i thought you’d read these words and pack your shit and come on home. i’ve grown down since then - i’ve told you this - but still you love all that you know. but i tell you what...if you’re terrified, i guarantee that i am twice as scared and if you’re full of life, i’ll do what i can to join you there because i don’t want another spine laying next to mine. i only want your spine laying next to mine. this summer cuts. the days are long, i barely sleep and my hands they’re all cracked up. you’re tanning bones, you’ve got to eat. but if you are cold inside, i’ll do what i can to keep the heat and if you are fighting your size, i’ll sew another route to patch you onto me and if this hasn’t hurt enough, i’m going to kill this off before it gets to us. this has hurt enough.
Track Name: Jean Season
i can imagine us crossing paths by an open sewer years from now. you'll still be wearing the same wide smile and your two front teeth are sticking out (like they were in my house). i wish i lived in a world that kept your shoulders up and freckles bright. i'd show you pictures of older workmates, terrified of those you liked. oh, all these words of mine! but i'm signing up for it. we can sleep in separate beds, we can sit opposite. i can imagine us crossing paths by an open sewer and diving in. you know we won't be around forever; shed your clothing, shed your skin (like it's medicine). it's the season for jeans and getting your arms out.
Track Name: Horses
when this pain it comes, it comes to see if it can get his roots right into me - the tallest tree, a partly joined settee. but with a weighted sense of irony, will the weight of it begin to breathe some logic in our failed history? but i was never that strong for you – keep it to yourself. oh! if i could put your hand back into mine to stop your fingers breaking every time, trying to get away because you're dying every night. but with a patient sense of patient i, will the patient in me start to fight? forgive me, i'll never get this right. we like the horses in the night-time movies. the sense of freedom and their hooves, they move me.
Track Name: Stickwrist
god, i've made a bet with all the people that i've met and now i'm waiting for them all to die. i promise i'll forget, i swear to god that i'll forget - i'll put a sticker on my wrist to try. you couldn't fool me with your most slovenly drawl. i’ve come to realise i don’t actually know anything about anyone at all.
Track Name: With Hands the Size of Giants
i've seen rusting and in the corner of my eye you're changing things. i've got the sense but it looks outwardly. i’m probably going to have to sit this out, a nod to the death and a furrowed brow. these young guns, they can't keep up with me. but i’d see fit to bite my wrist when all that you've said keeps me a virgin in sheets and you a god in my bed. i've seen judging and in the middle of the night you're making scenes. a nod to the floor kills productivity. i'm sure you've got my number written down but on the chance you don't, you know i can't keep coming around. these old bones ain't what they used to be. you know they're going to have to get you for this? you know they're going to sit and hunker down.
Track Name: Bedding
i'm half asleep so i'll forget that we're in someone else's bed, laying with someone else's death. i wish that i was grey and better, i wish my brain could hold the weight of all we set aside together. i'm biased but i'm unleaded. i'm wishing you would swallow this down and then say "fuck it, forget it. i'd rather not keep you around because all the cold that you let in combines with all your rust and your doubt and all the clothes that you're shedding, make nothing more than your bedding". it's drinking time and all those threats from friends who can't get close to mine (and all those threats from friends, of friends, of friends of mine). i feel your soul back into us, until it moulds into one of us.
Track Name: Don't Self-Destruct
to be an actor is a mountain of makeup and table arrangements, so why isn't anyone stopping this? you run so fast, slow down. you run too fast. stop being a doctor, it feels so good to be alive! it's not an option! settling down to stay inside. to be an actor is a mountain of paper and twice as much work, so why am i getting on top on this? we sleep so much lately. we sleep so much. are you sick of how the symptoms don't agree? are you sick of the sea? but when all that i see is you falling asleep, wrapped up in a shirt that looks better on me and when all that this leaves is a wound that can't breathe, will you focus on smiling wide permanently?
Track Name: One
is it safe in the care of your judger to breathe the best you can, or is it left to me to understand why we're talking? but in the backdrop of this car park, shit, i think i know you man! i think i share the guilt on which you stand. we're survived by no one - when we die we're dead and gone. i'm making bets that i'll better myself, while praying on my bed you'll come. there’s no shirt, no shoes, come on! but keep talking to the soundtrack of this sofa. i'm wishing all my friends were drunk. pissed up, they'll forgive all that i've done.
Track Name: This Black Dog
this black dog is growing. he’s going to sink his wooden teeth in me. this black dog is hoping. he’s hoping i am not as strong as he. but some of us keep pictures of the ones we hate but used to love, and used to hold, and used to fuck. but i can’t trace the outline of you on my arm or in my blood. my hands are small, they’re not enough to turn this off. this black dog has sisters, they’re living in the hole inside of my mouth. the sisters had litters. they’re fighting through my skull to be let out.
Track Name: Our Parade
she said "i'm not a quick fix or a drunken fuck and i'm old enough to be young enough to know myself", so i didn't even entertain the fact that i know me. "i'm a mistaken, paler, anecdote. i understand your soul, i appreciate every word you wrote; let's roll in two part harmony because you have my heart - isn't that enough?" (so ride this out). what a haunting moment, what a haunting sight. she had ammunition freckles and a body to fight. she was insightful, excited - a marginal parade. how could she have me so figured out when my tongue is a weapon in an aging mouth and i never have anything positive to say? i only have your heart and that’s fucked you up. it's not enough.
Track Name: Let Us All In
life flickers like light bulbs and i can't get a handle on cold calls and you’d think after my years in electricity i would be used to the power outages over me - we'll see. death lingers, longing, in our bedroom and i'm too preoccupied with how i hold you and you’d think, after my failure to hold onto my friends, i’d mutate into something that would make them love me again. if you've got a lot of hate to prove then i'm young enough to find you. if my love asks me where i've been, i'll say i'm building the foundations for her and me. i'll lay in our house with two coffins on screen and my unerring ability to hide what i mean. give yourself time to see it out. come on now, you can't let all of us in.